Saturday, December 31, 2005

Navy Stuff

My retirement shadowbox Posted by Picasa

I officially retired on September 30th, 2003. The war on terrorism medals aren't in this shadow box because they hadn't been released yet. It's kind of weird - Congress authorizes the medals to the participating units, then they are released after a year or so. Too much trouble to rearrange things for a couple of medals.

The red rope and "cookie" is from my tour as a Recruit Division Commander (RDC). The cookie is actually a pin with the Navy emblem in the center, and recruit division commander written around the outside of the pin. My aviation warfare specialist wings are over the top of my ribbons. Also included are miniature pins of aircraft I worked on, honorable discharge pin, and a retired pin. To the right of my medals are "crows" I wore, and a Soviet Union flag pin I got from a Russian scientist in exchange for one of my squadron patches.


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