Saturday, July 22, 2006

Haze Gray and Under Way

Eddie is out and about on his first underway experience. He seemed pretty excited about it, although he tried to keep it under wraps for his buddies who were listening. The Kennedy is a conventional powered carrier, in a class of its own. I think it'd be great to be on the JFK. We'll see how Eddie likes it when he gets back!

"In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility - I welcome it."
- John F. Kennedy

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Combat Kitten and her Beau

They look so happy!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ten Pounds of Mischief!

Would you believe the kids are at it again! Rip and Tia pulled a 10 lb bag of flour around the kitchen floor, then tugged it across the living room carpet where they ripped it apart! Nancy said there was flour EVERYWHERE. She had most of it cleaned up by the time I got home, but there was still a big mess. Looks like I'll be cleaning carpets again this weekend.

When I scolded Max and Emma Jean for not watching their kids, Em just put her head down, while Tia scurried down the hallway into our bedroom. Guess we know who's going to get kenneled up during the day.

Cripes, they're almost a year old. You'd think they'd quit doing stuff like that. It's not like they don't have chew toys, and pig ears to chomp on all day. Yesterday they chewed up my heating pad - just ripped the guts right out of it - leaving the nice clean cover politely intact. Very nice of them, don't you think?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Westie Clan

On the back of the couch (l to r) are Tia, Rip, and Allison Marie. Max is in the foreground - he's so manly.

"Grampa" and Tia. Max and Emma Jean are her parents. Tia's not as innocent as she looks - a little terror in training!

Emma Jean is looking for more popcorn chicken. Grandma buys them lunch, and sometimes even cooks big roast beef dinners for them!

Miss Bonnie Belle, recently of Yorktown, Virginia. She doesn't miss too many meals, especially when there's popcorn chicken involved!

"The Princess," Miss Allison Marie - she's a mama's girl - and assy, too! Mr. P calls her "The Prickly Peanut."

Mr. Rip Van Pemberton, recently mated to Miss Allison Marie, both of Redby, MN.

And that's our clan. They sure keep life interesting!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Blogger in the Blogosphere!

Yes, that's right - there is a new blogger in the Blogosphere, and no it isn't me. It's my sister, Carrie. You should check out her blog - she really enjoys being a Mom, and it shows in her writing. There's a picture of her and "Bit" on her blog, too. Just click here and it will take you to her blog. Don't worry, I've got a link on the sidebar to her blog also. Happy Blogging!

R & R For Everyone!

The National Theatre Workshops for the Handicapped is offering writing workshops for disabled veterans in Belfast, Maine this summer. I was accepted with a full scholarship that covers room and board, tuition, and travel expenses. The focus of the workshop is playwriting. At the end of the session, one play will be selected to be performed on Broadway in New York, then it will be aired on PBS television. It is an awesome opportunity, to say the least!

The Crosby facility is located on Penobscot Bay, so I will be able to enjoy the delicious smell of salt spray in the air once again. The session I am attending runs from 28 July through August 7th, but I plan to stay in Maine to visit for a few days after the workshop ends. As much as I'd like to, I can't stay very long because Carrie will be home from Iraq on R & R that month, and I want to make sure everything is ready for her and "Rob."

Who's Rob? Well, I guess you could say he's probably our future son-in-law. He was a gunner like Carrie for a while, but developed ulcers and was sent home. The love birds will spend a few days with his parents, then a week with us, and will take the last few days for themselves (I don't blame them a bit!) Jeff and I are both looking forward to meeting him.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Chris in Philadelphia

Livin' life by the seat of his pants.

Eddie's Warrior Face


Eddie is assigned to the USS Kennedy (CV-67), out of Mayport, Florida. He's got a Honda Accord now, so he's having a good time. I say it's about time he lightened up a bit, don't you think?

Saturday, December 31, 2005

We refinished the old steamer trunk

Christmas Eve 2003, the trunk was finally ready. In fact, Santa delivered it! The guys did a good job I think - green velvet lining with cream braiding. They put new canvas on the outside of the trunk. It caught me off guard at first because I was expecting the trunk to be brown. The trunk was brown because of use - okay, dirt - but the trunks from that time period usually had trays in the top, so the guys made a tray for me. The picture is from the original paper lining, and is a Russian cossack on a galloping horse.

Looks like new again

This is Grampa Nelson's "old" steamer trunk. Mom gave me this trunk a long time ago; I think it was in the late 80's or so. After years of use, and the stress of moving it from one duty station to the next, parts were falling off or had broken completely. For my birthday in 2002, Jeff had it restored.

This is Max - the Head Westie

Chasing squirrels is tough work! Posted by Picasa

Max is a two year old West Highland White Terrier. He's not too happy about moving to the new apartment.

Max is very enthusiastic about his new playmate (Emma Jean)

Mom, he won't play with me! Posted by Picasa

Meet Emma Jean! Max isn't too thrilled about sharing his parent or his toys, with her. He was getting pretty demanding, not to mention spoiled, when we got Em. Poor Max.

Navy Stuff

My retirement shadowbox Posted by Picasa

I officially retired on September 30th, 2003. The war on terrorism medals aren't in this shadow box because they hadn't been released yet. It's kind of weird - Congress authorizes the medals to the participating units, then they are released after a year or so. Too much trouble to rearrange things for a couple of medals.

The red rope and "cookie" is from my tour as a Recruit Division Commander (RDC). The cookie is actually a pin with the Navy emblem in the center, and recruit division commander written around the outside of the pin. My aviation warfare specialist wings are over the top of my ribbons. Also included are miniature pins of aircraft I worked on, honorable discharge pin, and a retired pin. To the right of my medals are "crows" I wore, and a Soviet Union flag pin I got from a Russian scientist in exchange for one of my squadron patches.

More Navy stuff

Some patches I collected while in the Navy Posted by Picasa

I have all the official patches from commands I was in (except for one), and some unofficial patches - the skull and crossbones patch. While in VXE-6 Helo Dept, someone made up the nickname of Ice Pirates, and that's how we were known until the helos were decommissioned in 1996. Eventually, the command's nickname was officially changed to the "Ice Pirates," but the patch shown was made in 1994. There's also a patch from Operation Southern Watch (post Gulf War surveillance of Iraq's activities), 9-11, and mine sweeping equipment.

The Kitten came to visit

Carrie at Civil War Battlegrounds Posted by Picasa

Carrie came to visit over the Fourth of July in 2002. This was a "girls day out." Carrie was itching to work out, so I took her to Newport News Park where we walk the dogs. Placards are posted throughout the park describing the battles that took place, lists the officers who commanded the regiments, and the victor of that particular battle.

Girls Day Out

Guess who? Posted by Picasa

Still at Newport News Park. Carrie and I rented a paddle boat that day - it was a good workout - and a lot more work than I expected!

Okay, I've been hanging on to some pictures

Civil War Battlegrounds at Newport News Park, Virginia Posted by Picasa

We call her Miss Buttons

Carrie Little-Weez Posted by Picasa

One of the many foot bridges in the park. Some of the streams are rather wide, so the bridges make it easier to explore all the nooks and crannies of the park. This park is so large, it couldn't be covered in one day on foot.

The Kitten and Max Posted by Picasa

A Maine Vacation

Me & Jeff at Sea Point Beach Posted by Picasa

We visited all of my favorite places this year. I remember when I was little, Mom used to bring us kids to Sea Point and we'd stay all day.

At the Shooting Range

Mom, Dad, and Me (Jeff took the pic) Posted by Picasa

This is one of the reasons we all get along so well - we all like to go shooting. Everyone was sampling different pistols. It was obvious the .45 was the favorite, but I like my CZ .380 much better.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Newlyweds

August 6, 2006 Posted by Picasa

Maggie and Chris. The reception was held at her father's house.

Their Wedding Day

Maggie & Chris 8/06/2005

This is Maggie's favorite pose - and my favorite too!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Nubble Light 1930's

York Beach, Maine Posted by Hello

I got this picture after Grampa Barbour passed. The Nubble hasn't changed much over the years.

Nubble Light 2003

Mom, Maggie, Carrie and Eddie Posted by Hello

Your typical New England summer day - cool and foggy in the morning.

One "Ass-y" Kitten!

Carrie at York Beach 2003 Posted by Hello

Carrie had never been in the Atlantic Ocean before. She proved her toughness by braving the icy water. What do you think of her tattoos?

4th of July 2003

Mom, Maureen, Juliette, Carrie, Me and Maggie Posted by Hello

Grammy Barbour

Priscilla Ruth Nelson Posted by Hello

Auntie and Aunt Ma get the credit for this one. Auntie pulled it out of the box of Grampa's pictures, and showed it to Mom and I. I didn't get to know Grammy Barbour, so Auntie provided her middle name. I thought the picture was taken in Eliot, but Aunt Ma said it was taken in Portsmouth.

My Baby

Eddie 1990 Posted by Hello

Monday, April 18, 2005

Grampa Barbour

This picture of Paul Barbour was taken around 1930's Posted by Hello