Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Westie Clan

On the back of the couch (l to r) are Tia, Rip, and Allison Marie. Max is in the foreground - he's so manly.

"Grampa" and Tia. Max and Emma Jean are her parents. Tia's not as innocent as she looks - a little terror in training!

Emma Jean is looking for more popcorn chicken. Grandma buys them lunch, and sometimes even cooks big roast beef dinners for them!

Miss Bonnie Belle, recently of Yorktown, Virginia. She doesn't miss too many meals, especially when there's popcorn chicken involved!

"The Princess," Miss Allison Marie - she's a mama's girl - and assy, too! Mr. P calls her "The Prickly Peanut."

Mr. Rip Van Pemberton, recently mated to Miss Allison Marie, both of Redby, MN.

And that's our clan. They sure keep life interesting!


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